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Monday, February 18, 2002

amanda peterson

At home, sick, called off work, and the cats are starting to get on my nerves.
Archives without FTP? I use the FTP for all my wonderful artwork, but FTP'ing archives is a pain in the butt, so I use my 'dumb process' (not too dumb though if you've ever accidentally zonked your archives), I take five days posts, copy and paste them onto the geocities site, than in their advanced editor change the background color and link back, than I erase the archives section on the blog template and create new links to the geocites site. This post courtesy of Nyquil, the green liquid of tranquility. I feel so 'at peace'.
I heard one of the cats puke, somewhere downstairs, and now I can't find it.
Whats good about being 30 years old? Pizza and Fruit Loops for breakfeast. That's whats good.
This morning's entertianment? Any Given Sunday If I were a girl I think I would like James Woods. And I mean that in a non-gay way. Meaning I don't like him that way now, but if I were inclined to like guys that way, I would like him, or something like that.
Scott Adams on 'managing your time more efficiently':
"Put all of your high priorities on one list and your low priorities on another. Then do everything on both lists even if it kills you, otherwise you're a freakin' loser."
My neighbor Spencer must have called in sick too, because right now he is in his backyard yelling at his dog to "Hurry up and poop already!" I substituted 'poop' for the actually words he used.
After my third trip to the mail box I finally realized that today was a holiday. I did notice that UPS was delivering though. It must be a bummer when your largest competitor (post office) doesn't even have to turn a profit.
The major focus of the next thirty minutes of my life is wether Dr. Mcoy will sucessfully perform surgery on Spock's father. Courtesy of the Sci Fi Channel.
I ran out of my deodorant, which means I had to use my fiance's, and now I smell like 'lilly of the valley'. Also I am going to use all my earthly powers to try not to watch the Jerry Springer Show at 3pm.
Today is living proof that I could never work from home. I think I am going to nap through rush hour.
Time to make more pizza and watch The Simpsons. Did I ever mention that I have a co-worker that looks like Monty Burns? Well he kind of looks like Monty, from a short distance.
While I was watching the Simpsons I realized two things. 1) February is a stinky month if you rent, and 2) I am ill prepared for a blackout. I have just one flashlight and two candles and I'm not sure where my matches are. I don't know why I thought of those things, I just did.

2/18/2002 02:51:00 AM
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