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Monday, February 25, 2002


Had today off, and of course did nothing productive. Its days like today that make me think, if someone like myself had been with Washington while he was planning the crossing of the Delaware, we'd all be speaking with a British accent and Colonol Johann Gottleib Rahl would have lived to a ripe old Hessian age.
Of course I wasn't with Washington though, I was with a bunch of cats watching Boogie Nights and Fargo. I enjoyed watching the movies, but otherwise had a really boring day. I signed onto AIM at like 10 am and not a single person I know signed on. Conversley, when I sign on and only have a few minutes, everyone I know and their grandmother is on. The most exciting thing that happened today was around 1pm the doorbell rang. I went to the door and my heart lept, the UPS man!!! Whoo hoo! Somone sent me something! Wrong. He was delivering something to my neighbor and had the wrong house. That was a total bummer. And my gosh it was a big box. Getting something from the UPS man is like Christmas morning in my opinion.
I noticed this morning the Olympics are over. I sleep with the TV on and this has been the first morning that I woke up and didn't hear about the Canadians, or the Russians, or French Guyana, or whoever getting screwed out of a medal.

2/25/2002 06:12:00 PM
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