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Thursday, February 07, 2002


I have like five minutes to post whatever I can and than I can't post again until Sunday. That totally stinks, but I'll use the time I have left now to just blurb out everything I can. The in-laws are coming up and are staying at our place which means I have to clean tonight, get at least five hours of sleep, and than before work tomorrow actually drive up North, pick up some car insurance stuff and be at work at 11:30am. At which time I will work til 8:30pm, go to the future father in laws house (play pool and drink a lot) with future brother in law (by virtue of marriage to future sister in law).
Than the go home and sleep, and I think Saturday we are going to some museum, which I think is strange because I can't think of a single museum anywhere near here. Gosh, I hope its not an 'artsy' one. Something with dinosaurs would be good. Or maybe the civil war, yea, I wouldn't that.
Also, my Aladdin thermos that I spoke so highly about a few weeks ago broke (the glass inside shattered somehow, luckily I didn't tank a drink out of it). I never even knew that there was glass in there, I thought it was some type of aluminum.

2/07/2002 03:54:00 PM
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