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Sunday, February 10, 2002


Interesting news to report here at the AP Site. We've decided to join the staff at The Weblog Review and review sites when we have time. They want their reviewers to do at least two sites a week which sounds easy but my gosh there is so much reading involved. I did two last week (I'm the reviewer with the name 'Gary'). My first review I loved doing, the site was great, the second one was kind of difficult though. I know what you are thinking though; "Will that affect the quality of writing at the AP Site?", well to my four regular readers (Marco thinks I only have three, the fourth he says is "An AOL spider indexing you", whatever the heck that means. Sometimes I think Marco is a jerkface) I say, no, our quality isn't all that great so I can't imagine anything suffering. So what we did was put a link to The Weblog Review to the left (and moved the links up because I didn't like them below the archives). So now we have three links (in order of importance), we're stingy here with our links, I mean if you are going to leave this wonderful place it better be to a better place. Onto the events of this weekend.
"You are a big Nancy Boy!" Thats what my ten year old nephew said to me while I was at the in-laws yesterday. It was funny when he said it, until his two brothers and one sister started dancing around pointing at me and saying "Nancy boy, Nancy boy, Nancy boy!" Why would an adult be upset by this? I mean it was only children saying I was a "Nancy Boy". Well the reason I am upset by it, is to prove to a pack of children that I wasn't a "Nancy Boy" I did something that causes me now to type like an invalid because I have a huge bandage on my right thumb (my space bar thumb). You see it happened like this. The in-laws have a twelve year old beagle named 'Peepers' who everyday has to take an anti-inflamatory drug for its arthritis. Well, the normal person who gives 'Peepers' his ibuprofen was not there so I said "I'll do it, I'm an expert at giving animals pills." Well, I am an expert at giving cats pills, and thats it. So I go outside with the children (and the IB for Peepers) and proceed to open Peeper's mouth so I can stick the pill there. But he won't open his mouth, so I fidget and fidget and he won't open it but an inch. And the kids are saying "Open his mouth, open his mouth!" And I say, "Well, I don't want to do it to hard, I'm worried that he will bite me." At which time they all start dancing around saying "Nancy Boy! Nancy Boy!". Which pees me off, so frustrated that Peepers won't open his mouth and peed off because of being called a "Nancy Boy" I open the dogs mouth with a firm grip and with my right hand put the pill at the back of his throat at which time he chomps down on my hand, putting three teeth into my right thumb. You would have thought he severed an artery with all the blood.
A bunch of other stuff happend over the weekend and I'll talk about them tomorrow, this post is long enough, but until tomorrow, let me say, I am not a "Nancy Boy", and I hope Peepers gets a tapeworm. (Well not actually a tape worm, but I hope someone bites him).
2/10/2002 06:47:00 PM
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