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Friday, February 01, 2002


My gosh!!! I am speechless! Our site (we submitted it) to The Weblog Review last month was reviewed today and recieved a four out of five! (Five being the highest). My Gosh! I so did not expect that, I was gunning fo 2.5. I didn't want to mention that I had submitted it (cause I was worried I'd get slammed pretty good). Well you can read our review The AP Site Review here. I encourage everyone to go there if you want your site reviewed, I noticed that the person who reviewed mine (thanks to the web-stat counter) didn't just peruse the site casaually, he went into every nook and cranny of it which is cool for those of us who aren't very good with html because than the content of the site is whats important. My gosh enough about this or my head will swell (if you go there you can give me a 'one' in the 'readers rating department', this will cut my head swelling down pretty good, you have my permission).
Okay, onto todays events. Yesterday (just like me to begin todays events talking about yesterday), I mentioned to the Springsteens that thanks to their policy of everyone having to work one weekend out of the month that I have 'no life' whatsover. I also complained that I don't like working 9-6 on a Saturday which means I have to take an hour lunch break (you can only work 8 hours a day), when I would rather just work eight straight hours and go home an hour earlier. They said; "Well some people like taking a break an everyone has to be the same." Well, I stomped off (not stomping to loudly because, you know, I don't want to pee them off to much). So today I come in and I notice that I am listed this saturday at 9 to 5 NL. Notice the "NL". I didn't notice the fact that I was only listed to work till five (like I had wanted to) and stomped into the Springsteens office and said it was not very professional of them to put "NL" meaning "No Life" (like I had mentioned yesterday) next to my name. I said "I don't think you should get your laughs at my expense." At which time they said; "The 'NL' means 'No Lunch'. Like you wanted." At which time I said "Oh." And left the room feeling like a poopy head.

2/01/2002 05:34:00 PM
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