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Sunday, February 17, 2002


My gosh its got to stop. I had that dream again last night, the one where my cat needed braces. Except this time, in my dream, I knew I had dreamt about this before. I told the cat (in the dream of course) that I knew he needed braces but until I could understand the meaning of the dream I wasn't going to get him them. The cat (I guess I expected him to say something) just stared at me. I remember after the second dream (this was the third) that I even checked his teeth to see if he had any cavities or something. I thought maybe, what if this is my subconcious telling me there's something wrong with the cat? I'm definatly going to check out that dream interpretation stuff. I mean, my gosh, three times in as many months.
At work now and will be here til 2pm. Incredibly boring. I wish Comedy Central would stop playing the same SNL's.
In the 'news that I don't care about' department Canada Will Get Their Gold Medals. I'm just so not into the olympics anymore. After the Russians dumped communism, its like, there's no thirll in watching. (That Tonya Harding mess was pretty interesting though).
I was getting my mail yesterday and my neighbor Spence was on his front porch smoking (wife won't let him do it inside), and we talked for a few minutes. He says that the only way we'll ever have peace in the Middle East is if we lend Israel an aircraft carrier for a year. Interesting.
2/17/2002 07:53:00 AM
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