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Friday, February 22, 2002

amanda peterson

Okay, I am a little peeved. Bare (or bear) with me here. At work I have internet access through the poopy Netscape Browser. I really can't complain about that though, I'm really lucky I have access at all (unrestricted except for the Websense). So most of the sites I go to I really can't fully view. Well, in another section of the building I work in there is a small room that has an IBM Thinkpad that customers can come in and try out the internet service that my company provides (we're not an internet company but we provide it). Well sometimes when I am on my break I like to go to the room and mess around on it. I know I am the only one that does this (its in a differant department of our company than the department I work for). Sometimes afterwork I will go there for like thirty minutes and mess around waiting for the bus to come. (I like to take the bus when I am working late at night because the bus runs really fast at nine pm at night). And sometimes I have like forty five minutes before the bus comes and in the last couple months I have been spending that time on the Thinkpad. Well I went to use it tonight and the room is locked. Why? It has to be because they want to keep me out, for no other reason than just for spite. Its not the Springsteens fault, they have nothing to do with that department, but I think I am going to complain to them (the Springsteens) and maybe they can take my complaint to the big boss, because, there is no good reason to not let me use it. Its just a spite thing. Jerks. Okay, enough of that.
A couple of nights ago my sister put some more money in our Paypal account (no link for them they stink, unfortunatly we have no choice but to use them), my sister does that because I babysit for her now and again and she pays me by putting money in my account (sometimes ten or fifteen dollars), and we here at the AP Site use it to buy stuff like Blogger Pro. I noticed she put in 20 dollars so we took a sponsorship ad out at the Weblog Review. My sister is cool but she is an elementary school teacher and sometimes she talks to you like your in elementary school. (She doesn't know about this site so I can say anything about her!).
Tomorrow I work 2 to 10pm and than have to get up early for an 8am shift. That stinks. It is El Stinko. Or Das Stinker. In any language, it stinks.
And on to the news we have all been waiting for! Mr. Black's trip to the vets. He has been puking alot lately and I had to take him, but thats not the real important thing. (They said he might have a virus, they couldn't find anything wrong with him which is cool). The real important thing is my dream that my cat needed braces and that I was going to ask her about it. So I am in the exam room with the vet who is looking over the cat and I say, "You know whats really weird?" to her (because I have no good way to segway from a cat exam to a dream I have been having). And she say's 'what?' And I tell her about my dream. Well, obviously, I am not the first person to do this. She (while examining the cat) says she's told often (but not too often) about dreams pet owners have had about their pets. She said that Mr. Black is very lucky to have an owner that worries about him in his sleep. Thats all she says. And then I say out loud (because I want some type of educated answer), 'I wonder what this dream could mean?'. At which time she says; "Well, he doesn't need braces, maybe you sould get one of those dream interpretation books. His teeth are really in good shape." So now I think my vet thinks I am a weirdo, I am no closer to understanding the dream, and the fact that she said in all seriousness that the cat doesn't need braces that it means there are cats out there that actually do have braces.
P.S. I am so old. How do I know this? I remember when The Bay City Rollers released "Saturday Night" because when I was like five years old or something,and it was all over the radio. Of course I had no clue at that age what was such a big deal about Saturday night.

2/22/2002 07:37:00 PM
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