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Friday, February 08, 2002

amanda peterson

Okay, so I said there would be no post today, but I’m at work and since its Friday most of the important people are long gone, I’m going to blab. On the way up North I came up with what I will call my “Damn Stop Playing That Song!” Theory. I think that after a song is played 10,000 times on the radio it should be banned from airplay for at least one year. Songs that I would add to this list:

1)Old Time Rock and Roll/Bob Segar-I have to listen to this song at every wedding I go to, every time Risky Business has a commercial for an airing on TV, and everytime any sitcom has the main male character left alone at home for one night.

2)How Do You Like Me Now/Unkown-I don’t know who sings it (country probably), but if I see one more car commercial palying this song I will puke. The only thing worse than this is when a song you actually like is used (50 times a day) to sell dog bisuits, or lemon Pledge, or something.

3)Stairway To Heaven/Led Zeppelin-I’m fairly certain in the twenty years that they made music they made more than one song, I’ve just never heard it on the radio.

4)Schools Out/Alice Cooper-Late spring, every year, five thousand times. We know already, we know.

Oh I’m to tired and work frustrated to think of anymore.
“NIKITA KRUSCHEV”. Yes, NIKITA KRUSCHEV. Why do I mention his name? (Yes I know some are saying ‘why mention the name of a Godless communist?) Well, that’s not the point. The point is ‘NIKITA KRUSCHEV’ is the last two words you probably ever expected you’d read today. Now I gaurentee I AM SURE that sometime in the next three days, maybe tonight while brushing your teeth, or tomorrow afternoon while doing the dishes, or while you are trying to nap, or something, the words ‘NIKITA KRUSHEV’ will pop into your head for no apparent reason. Its kind of like planting a thought seed. Ooh, cool word, ‘thought seed’. Wait and see, you will think of it for no apparent reason.

2/08/2002 01:03:00 PM
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