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Friday, February 15, 2002

amanda peterson

One of the things I like to do is peruse the other blogs out there (through 'blogs of note' and the weblog review) and I have to admit (like everyone else) I get jealous. Really jealous. Lots of times its just because someone elses site looks much cooler than ours will ever be but most of the time its because a lot of blogs discuss current events in a serious manner. Well, so it can't be said that here at AP we are not 'unserious', I've decided to pick, once a week, a news story and comment about it. Maybe one of the news outlets will pick me up and actually pay for my commentary (there are people who get paid for that!), so here goes. Todays news story subjected to our commentary is:

Lowell, Mass. Supermarket Rage

In this case, at 51 year old became the first case of 'supermarket rage' when she brought 13 items into the express (12 items or less) lane at the grocery store. A 31 year old woman got into a verbal, and than physical altercation with the woman. The physical altercation happened in the parking lot (I think the 51 year old got kneed and punched or scratched). The 51 year old said she did not know that she was one item over the 12 item limit. Bull. Let me say that again. Bull. Bull. Bull. Everyone (myself included) knows how many items we have when we go toward the express lanes. I actually will dump an item if I am going that way and am over the limit. Nothing pees me off more than a smug weasel at the express lane being over the limit by a few items. And here's a couple of reasons. First of all, when you are in that lane you do not have a shopping cart. You have one of those carry things and nine times out of ten you have like nine items in there that are very heavy, and you see some smug faced weasel with like 17 items (and these people always pay with a check, they always pay with a check) with a shopping cart in line ahead of you and everyone, EVERYONE, is thinking; "Why don't the supermarket people go up to them and say; 'I'm sorry, you have to go to one of the other lanes.". And they should add; "Because there are four people in line behind you that did not get the Philadelphia Cream Cheese and the Energizer Double A Batteries (even though they were on sale) because they knew they were going to go through the express lane."
In summation, I don't condone violence, but, I would like to be on this jury.
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2/15/2002 07:36:00 PM
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