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Sunday, February 03, 2002

amanda peterson

The Patriots in the lead, U2 singing at halftime, and Paul McCartney in a half time interview? Who put Darcy in charge of the Superbowl?
I was hoping that U2 would do something off of Rattle and Hum but I was glad to hear 'Where the Streets Have No Name'. And the names behind them as they played the song I just kept on thinking, my gosh, so many names.
So I have a theory on the name of the album 'Rattle and Hum' and I know if I go into Google I can find out but I like my theory. If you listen to 'Bullet The Blue Sky' from the Joshua Tree, there's a line that goes something like "In the locust wind, comes a rattle and hum, Jacob wrestled the Angels and the Angels overcome." So my thinking is, "Rattle and Hum" is the sound tanks make, which would explain the "Locust Wind", i.e., the dust and dirt the tanks would kick up and if I am right than that is one hell of a play on words considering the line about Jacob and the Angels, the Locusts being one of those plague thingys. Of course I could be completely wrong and someone who knows it could be reading this now saying 'ninny', but oh well.
We went to Hoss's for lunch today and I think, at their salad and soup bar, I created the best blending of tastes that this world has ever seen. And you too can try this because Hoss's usually has the same items at all of their locations (that sounded like a commercial). Well, I am waiting for my steak to come (when they asked me how I would like it cooked I said "As rare as the law will allow please.") I went up to get some garlic bread and soup. So I get the garlic bread and am waiting in line for the soup and I notice near the soup (right in front of where I am) there's this stuff called 'sweet bacon dressing', well I'm bored so I take a spoonfull of the sweet bacon dressing and put it on my garlic bread. When I got back to the table I tried and my gosh, Heaven on earth!!!!! I know it sounds gross, but really it was incredible.
2/03/2002 06:12:00 PM
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