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Tuesday, February 12, 2002


Sometime (and trust me this is not often) I like to ponder the deep things life has to offer. Take this question; “If I lose my leg in a motorcycle accident when I am 28, but live another thirty years, will my leg be waiting for me when I get to heaven?” Well we put the question to the Vice President, and you can read his response here.
So today I was at work (working hard of course) and at the blogger home page and I noticed on one of the recently updated logs this interesting little diddy. It looks to me like two people who recently started a relationship and use their site to post notes to each other during the day. I don’t think they realize that everytime they update it someone can read it, or maybe they do, either or I almost feel guilty reading it. Of course, the shmoozy new relationship banter at times makes you want to puke, but interesting all the same.

2/12/2002 07:42:00 PM
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