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Wednesday, February 20, 2002


We here at the AP Site are now proud owners of a 1998 Chevrolet Baretta. Yes, paid in full (even has a CD player!). Unfortunatly delivery of the car will not be made until Saturday (we didn't have time today to take care of the insurance and title change, oh well, I can wait). My gosh it is going to be so much easier with two cars now.
Got a bit of a reprieve today too. The Weblog Review is switching servers and will not be posting any new reviews for 2-4 days. I was half way through a review as of this morning and very worried that I would not be able to complete two reviews by the end of the week.
Tomorrow I have to go to the vets (Mr. Black has been puking) so I am going to ask the vet about my dream about the cat needing braces. I mean, who else can I ask?
2/20/2002 07:43:00 PM
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