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Wednesday, February 27, 2002

amanda peterson

Well, as promised, we are bringing you an interview with Amanda Peterson. Of course this is not the actress Amanda Peterson. (see last post) but it is a Amanda Peterson, 16 year old 10th grade student at my niece Ashley's high school. Ashley interviewed her (not at our request, but I wish we had thought of it) and sent us the results. So here it is. (Edited for content, formatted for space). It really was edited for content, a lot of it didn't pertain to anything anyone would understand and also I cut out the curse words. If this interview reads like an AIM, that because it was. Reprinted with Permission of Ashley (last name deleted for privacy) and Amanda Peterson.

Ashley- So Amanda, what did you think of Can't Buy Me Love?
A. Peterson- Well, I saw it about a month ago, at like midnight or something. I thought it was pretty funny, I watched the whole thing.
Ashley-What were your favorite parts?
A. Peterson-I liked the part where that guy did the African dance in front of everyone. That was (expletive deleted) funny.
Ashley-What didn't you like about it?
A. Peterson-I didn't like how that one red headed kid had a bag of (expletive deleted) thrown at his house. I mean he was that pretty low. I didn't like the main character, the guy, I think they could have found someone better to play him. I did like him in Northern Exposure though.
Ashley-I don't think he was in Northern Exposure.
A. Peterson-Wasn't he the doctor?
Ashley-Oh no, that was someone else.
A. Peterson-Oh, okay.
Ashley-Let me ask you about the other Amanda Peterson movies.
A. PetersonCool!
Ashley-What did you think about "The Lawless Land"?
A. Peterson-I never saw it.
Ashley-What about 'Wind Runner'?
A. Peterson-no, never saw that either.
A. Peterson-Oh! Was that the one with that really hot guy who I think is dead now?
Ashley-Yes, River something or other. River Phoenix I think.
A. Peterson-No I never saw it, but I saw the advertisement for it on TV like a month ago. The guy was really hot, too bad he died.
Ashley-Oh he was (expletive deleted) super hot!
Ashley-Fatal Charm, every see that?
A. Peterson-Nope.
Ashely-Have you ever seen an episode of Doogie Howser?
A. Peterson-No, which is a shame because we call (name deleted) Doogie all the time in lab, I mean, he knows everything.
Ashley-Do you plan on being in anything new, entertainment wise?
A. Peterson-My gosh no, last semester I was in Leader of the Pack and it completley (expletive deleted) moose (expletive deleted). My god it it was (expletive deleted).

And there we have it, our interview with Amanda Peterson. Thank you Ashley and Amanda. In AP Site news there will be no update for the next couple days I have a really busy schedule, see you all Saturday Night!

2/27/2002 04:01:00 PM
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