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Tuesday, February 05, 2002


Well there was no post yesterday, reason being, I went to a friends house to have my taxes done. I have to say, I am disapointed. I really expected to get alot back (why I don't know, every year I expect to get alot back and than I don't and spend the next two days in a funk) but didn't. It seems like everyone I know talks about how much they get back and what they are going to do with it, and I usually get enough to fund an oil change for my Hyundai (with its super high payments) and a number two value meal at McDonald's (that the cheeseburger one, you know, the cheapest) so long as I don't supersize it. Not that I would ever 'super-size' a value meal because the extra large soda doesn't fit in my car's cupholder.
For the rest of the week I work 11:30am to 8:30pm but am off Saturday and Sunday, which means I can once again report that like the Eighties Super Group Loverboy I am working for the weekend. Unlike them, I am not looking for a 'new romance', I just want to stay at home the whole time, watch TV in my pajamas, and maybe go out once to check the mail. Maybe.

2/05/2002 06:37:00 PM
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