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Friday, March 22, 2002

amanda peterson

Life In A Northern Town
Hello and welcome to your AP Site! I am going to get a little deep here (this happens now and again, sorry, we can't help it). So last night I was driving home from work and out of no where, snow and hail. Only for a few minutes though and than it was gone. Which got me thinking. While it was happening I thought to myself, "Gosh, I wish I lived in Florida, I can't wait for Spring, the real spring." Than I thought (after I was home, warm and safe), it really must stink to live in Florida or say, Southern California, because you really can't enjoy the change of season. How can you enjoy Spring if its 75 degrees almost everyday? How can you enjoy Christmas if its a balmy 81 degrees? Hmm.
I am going to make an uncomfortable admission here tonight. You know that TV show "Cops"? Well, when it first came out years ago I could care less about it. Matter of fact, a year ago if it was on I would just change the channel. Lately though (in the last few months) I've caught myself watching. Not just watching, stopping whatever I am doing to watch it. This morning (today was a day off), during breakfeast I was looking through the TV Guide to see when it was on today so I could plan my house cleaning around it. I love seeing the bad guys getting arrested. I love watching their reactions as they are cuffed and put in the car. Although sometimes I think the cops are arresting the wrong person (domestic issues they seem to arrest the women a lot). But I guess during a domestic situation maybe it is best to lock everyone up for the the night so they don't kill each other. All I really know about the police is that when I see the flashing lights pulling me over (out of insepction once, passing in a non-passing lane once) is that it scares the be-jesus out of me. I mean, I see those flashing lights and I go into total panic mode, like I just killed someone or something and they are catching me.

3/22/2002 07:58:00 PM
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