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Thursday, March 14, 2002


No entries til Friday night?

Car payment, cable bill, breakfeast-lunch-dinner everyday, garbage night (forgot last week), wash dishes, laundry every other day, clean litter boxes (tues. and thurs.), oil change, fill gas tank (twice, mon. and wed.), two cat baths, vacuum once, work every day 11:30am-8:30pm, shower every morning, hair cut friday 9:30am, doctors appt.-throat infection- pick up antibiotics at pharmacy, grocery shopping (thursday), rush hour, call parents, clean bathroom, check mail, call sister, sleep at least 5 1/2 hours every night, tape 'Amazing Race', mail out two birthday presents, be home friday a.m. at nine so gas serviceman can read meter, mail out local taxes, call borough to change occupation status (because occupational tax rate is important-you know, that tax they have for you when you have a job), buy shoes, tip newspaper girl, have dinner with future in-laws, defragment hard drive, purchase March's bus pass, take one Centrum every morning (along with one Zantac), don't forget to turn off coffee maker before leaving, put out porch furniture (after hosing them down), buy wood for bookshelves, put in request for for days off at work for April 22nd and 23rd.
Hmmm, I should print this out in put it on my wall in case I complain that there is 'nothing to do'. I think that last time I complained about that was mid 1998.

3/14/2002 04:04:00 AM
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