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Wednesday, March 20, 2002

amanda peterson

"Quackers", a story of escape, drama, and finally; safety.

Okay, maybe thats over dramatizing it a bit, but than again maybe its not. Well, if you read the post of two nights ago, you know a duck wandered into my back yard. The reason I haven't posted for two days is because Quackers the duck spent his first day in my guest room (computer room) while I was at work. Did you know that in a ten hour period a duck can poop up to twelve times? Well when I got home and opened up the guest room door I was met by a hungry pissed off duck (quacking like a madman) and a room (carpeted at that) covered with duck poop. So I took Quackers into the bathroom (where the floor is tiled) and fed him. Of course we didn't half a regular cheap loaf of bread thawed out so I had to give him the Italian bread that we had bought special at the bakery (he really liked that). I filled up the tub, locked the bathroom door (Cats like to eat birds) and spent almost two hours scrubbing the carpet, dresser, and everything else. When I got home last night, I shampooed the carpet in the guest room and just now it smells like a normal room. Quackers spent the next day and a half in the bathroom. Well mostly the tub (I filled it up), swimming back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Oh yea, one thing I didn't realize. If you take in a bird you have to remember he wakes up with the birds. So at fourt thirty in the a.m. he quacked constantly until I went to work. And splashed around a lot in the tub. I had to drain the tub to take a shower (and than fill it back up) and he didn't like that. He stood on the sink and quacked at me during my entire shower.
So yesterday I call ORCA (The Organization for Responsible Care for Animals), they don't have a website or I'd link them. And this morning I drove into the city and dropped Quackers off. (I got more than a few strange looks too. Its pouring down rain and I had to park a block and a half away. So there I was walking through the city holding a duck). I am happy to report that they took him to a lady who lives outside the city that has an enclosed back yard where she keeps two ducks in a small pond, and thats where Quackers is residing now. Well (and not too toot my own horn here, but sometimes even I do a good non concieted thing), the ORCA people confirmed what the PA Game Commission told me. Quackers was a 'stock' duck, not a wild duck, one that is bred and raised for meat. Quackers obviously escaped where ever he was being kept and now he's in a pond with other rescued ducks and will not become someones Easter dinner. (I'm just glad a pig didn't wander into my yard because I am having ham for Easter). My gosh he was a beautiful bird though, he let me hold him (he was young and I really don't know his sex, he could have been a female), and its amazing how light they are. I didn't take a picture of him (I wish I had now) but this is what he looked like.
Movin on to other things though.
So like when I first started working for the company I do now, a friend of mine, Stacy, started working (the same month) at a company that offers the same service mine does. (Hint, if you have internet access, thats what my employer does). Well, she started out like I did. In a cubicle working nights and weekends and holidays just as I did. Well, the other day she called me because she knew I would be near where she worked that day and I had lunch with her in her office. IN HER OFFICE. Yes. She now has an office (not a cubicle. Her office even has a fish tank in it). That totally bums me out. I mean, I don't have to work holidays anymore, and I've gotten a few raises, but I'm still at a cubicle, in charge of no one, not only do I not have a fish tank, I can't even put pictures up in my cubicle. Not that I am ragging on my employer, my gosh no. I've got the best bosses in the world, they actually care about me as a person. When my father was at the hosptial for heart stent surgury they were both there, the whole time. They even covered my shifts themselves. But it is a bummer about the lack of advancement, because I remember when Stacy started working for her company, she asked me to come along. And than when she was promoted to management and asked me to leave where I am working now and come work for her, I said no, I think I am going to be promoted soon. Well, I wasn't (which is cool, its not my bosses fault, the company didn't want to promote anyone). But it is a bummer to think (while you are sitting in your cubicle) that you too, could have had an office (a whole office to yourself) with a fish tank and a window (a window!). Grrr.
3/20/2002 08:09:00 PM
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