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Thursday, March 07, 2002

amanda peterson

"Return of the Mac, return of The Mac, return of The Mac, ya know that I'd be back."

No, I am not into Mark Morrison songs. Let me explain. I went to work, early as planned, and got off at 6pm. When I got home my neighbor Spencer asked if I could take him to the auto shop because he needed two spark plugs for his car. So I said sure, what the heck, I've got time to spare. (The plans I had made for tonight got cancelled). So we jump into my car and the passenger side seat Spencer tried to get into was pushed way to far forward for him (Spencer is about six feet tall). So he reaches down under the seat to grab the lever thing and push it back. His hand comes in contact with something soft and crunchy. He goes "Yikes!" or something like that, and flings what he grabbed out of the car.
Flashback a week ago. I'm on my way to work. I'm going to be late, but I am starved. Starved! So I pull into the Mcdonald's drive through and order the Big Mac meal. Well, I gorge myself on the fries (they have the best fries) and eat half of the Big Mac. I pull into work and in my haste, take the Big Mac, wrap it back up and shove it under the passenger side seat. You see, I am sure that after work I will take it out and throw it away. Well, I forgot about it. There have been some really warm days here in Pennsylvania in the last week. Let me say this. I am a car clean freak. It was a momentary lapse of reason. I'm sure now Spencer thinks I'm a pig. The Big Mac had fungus growing on it. What the hell? I am a car clean freak and this happens to me? I know you are thinking, 'Who cares what your neighbor thinks?', well, we all do really. Damn you McDonalds and your easy to order value meals. Damn you.
This weekend's tentative plans. Saturday I am going to do nothing but sit around, eat like a pig, drink like a fish, and pretty much do nothing at all productive.
On Sunday I am going to go up North and see the parents. This should be interesting. My dad (retirement has had him doing some interesting things) has been taking a baking class. (He's an ex-marine, which just makes it that much stranger) and is going to test his blue berry muffins on me. If its warm I think they are going to grill steaks. The only bummer about going up North is that they now have this really great surround sound system and large screen TV and both of them don't have the hearing they used to. So they blast everything on TV. I'll eat like a king, but I'm going to have hearing problems on Monday. And the dog will want to sleep in bed with me, and he has really stinky breath. I think I am going to feed him breath mints (He eats anything I'm sure he'll gobble them up), or a Hall's cough drop.
3/07/2002 09:47:00 PM
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