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Friday, March 29, 2002


So I started bidding on something on EBAY and I just cannot wait for the auction to be over. I mean I want this item now. NOW!!!! So I emailed the seller and said (for an item whose last bid was five dollars) that if he stops the auction now or makes it an 'immediate buy' thing (where you can just purchase it instantly) I would give him 30 dollars for it. I'm not going to say what the item is (I will after the auction is over, or after I have bought it). This is my second time bidding on something on Ebay, the first time I did I was the highest bidder and won the auction (and what I bought was sent to me pretty gosh darn quickly) but the waiting (for the auction to be over) and waiting for UPS to bring it to me was a royal pain in the butt. If I can't bypass that, well, the heck with it, its just not worth it.
Oh, hears a weird thing. Do you know that song by Terry Jacks Seasons In The Sun? I heard on the radio he wrote it for a friend of his that killed himself. My gosh. I really never thought much about the lyrics (I just liked the song), but when you really listen to it, its pretty gosh darn deep.

Have a good Easter everyone (all of my four regular readers)!!!!!!!!

3/29/2002 06:48:00 PM
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