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Monday, March 11, 2002

amanda peterson

Well here it is, the end of the weekend. Tomorrow back to work. Its hard to believe I have worked at the company for six years. My gosh. Since 1996. Wow. I really never thought of it till now. I guess I've been pretty lucky in that respect. I know a bunch of people that seem to change jobs every six months. To bring some perspective to it, in six years on the average I have called in sick nine times a year. Thats thirty six call offs, and about sixty vacation days (mabye sixty five, my math is fuzzy right now). It comes out to roughly 1560 work days. Or 1560 lunch breaks. Hmmm, if it takes two dollars (I'm rounding up) in gas to get back and forth from work every day thats $3120 in gas money. Okay, enough with the numbers.
We had a free Starz weekend. Its pretty funny when Starz or HBO or Showtime have a free weekend, me and all my friends call each other so we all know it is happening. I was disappointed with Starz this weekend though. They played like the same five movies the whole time. I was severly disappointed in Unbreakable. I mean, my gosh, what a crappy ending. It is not worth your time. Thirteen Days was pretty good though. The only bummer about it was seeing a bunch of people not from New England fake a New England accent. It just never sounds right. I mean, just don't use the accent at all please. One interesting thing to think about that though. How would that have played out had Richard Nixon been President? I mean, a few thousand votes going a different way and it could have happened. My guess is that he would not have had the patience Kennedy had and either there would have been a nuclear war or Cuba would be our Fifty First State.
I'm probably not going to post tomorrow, I have to do a review for The Weblog Review, its been a week since I have done one. I'd do more but sometimes its pretty hard. There is a ton of reading to do. A ton. I noticed The Cheney Daily had submitted their site some time ago and they are do for a review. Maybe I should do that one. Of course I might be biased, but if its going to be done it should probably be done soon since they are closing their doors on the 12th. Maybe if I email them they will keep the site up for a few more days. Hmmm.
Update 10:16pm
Okay, we did our review of The Cheney Daily at The Weblog Review, it should be up soon. Total bummer it is closing down. I am glad that I was able to be the person to review it though.

3/11/2002 02:16:00 AM
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