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Wednesday, March 06, 2002

amanda peterson

Well today was an eventful one. I didn't go into work (I promise I will go the next two months without calling in once). Tomorrow will be even more eventful though. My Hyundai (and its super high payments) is getting inspected in the morning. I dropped it off tonight, which means I have to take the bus to work tomorrow morning. I work 9-6 which means I have to be at the bus stop at 6:40am so that I can get dropped off at my place of work at 8:25am. To make this my first kind of 'interactive' post, I'll throw in a visual aid. This is the first part of my route, starting at 6:40am on the number 6 bus and then I will make a connection to the number one bus which will drop me off at 8:25am. I even went to the laundrymat to use their coin machine to make sure I would have exact change. They don't give out change on the bus, and the first time I made a trip, all I had was a five dollar bill and I had to put it into the bus fare machine (a $1.25 trip) and I didn't get any change. Here's one fact for me to remember on those really poor days, the bus fare machine takes pennies!
I made a huge pot of chicken and rice soup (home made) and watched "Cops" a couple of times. It seems like its on all day. I noticed that there is a golden rule if the police are hauling you off to jail for beating your wife, or driving drunk, or any domestic disturbance. All criminals never have a shirt on and can never seem to pull their pants up when the police are arresting them. My gosh, is there a code of criminal conduct out there that says you must not wear a belt?
Went to the Eighties Super Group Loverboy site and it says "come back soon for new information'. Does this mean the Loverboy site will live on? Does this mean that someone plunked down $35,000 dollars to rescue it? Does this mean I have way to much time on my hands that I am so concerned? Well it would really suck though if one of those 'online casino' ads took over the site.
Okay, last week (or maybe the week before) I said that in an attempt to be 'serious' and to hope that some news organization like Fox News would pick up my commentary and pay me for sitting here and blabbing all day, I mentioned I would pluck one news story out of the news and give my expert commentary on it. This weeks story:

Mrs. Condit Demands Apology From NBC

From what I read in this column, Mrs. Condit (wife of the congressman who had an affair with Chandra Levy who coincidentally has disapeared, my gosh, imagine that) has demanded an apology from Law And Order. You know, that Dick Wolf produced show that lamely dumped Chris Noth years ago. In related news Gary Condit lost his re-election bid today. But back to the story. Mrs. Condit is upset that Law and Order did a show a lot like (Ripped from the Headlines!) the Condit deal. My take on this is thus: Its not Mrs. Condit behind this, its probably Gary Condit. This is a totally uninformed opinion, I have no real evidence, just an opinion. I don't think Gary Condit has any direct knowledge of what happened to Chandra Levy. I do think that its because of his weird 'do not meet me with any I.D. or do not tell anyone that you are meeting me' approach to their affair that got her killed. I think someone, who knew Condit, knew about these arrangements, and this person saw a golden opporotunity to commit a hideous crime. This person knew that his (oh we know it was a 'he') victim would not have an I.D. on her, and that no one would know where she was going or when. And how do they track down killers? By following the victims footsteps. Take away the footsteps, no trail to the killer. My advice, start investigating his Washington aquaintences. His aides or close friends. Probably one of his aides. I really don't think he knows anything about her disapearance. Of course my opinion is he's acted like a total cowardly nimrod since she disapeared. He should have fessed up to the police, the media, whoever would listen to him, everything he knew about Chandra, and everything about his relationship with her. I mean, my gosh, a persons life.
So there's my serious commentary. Tomorrow, I will outline how I made my homemade (ingrediants included) chicken soup.
Oh my gosh, I mean Saturday I will outline how I made my chicken and rice soup. I have to get up early, work, and do some other stuff after work, so I won't have a chance to post.

3/06/2002 05:52:00 PM
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