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Tuesday, March 26, 2002


Well, we party'd way too much last night. I know what you are thinking, my gosh, it was Monday! Well, when you and all your friends work really weird hours, sometimes there is a 'confluence' (sp?), and everyone has Tuesday off. (Which means you are so low on the business totem pole that you had to work Saturday and Sunday but oh well, such is life, stinks as it does). So when I woke up this morning (with a very dry mouth and one juicy thumper of a headache) the kitchen reeked of booze. My gosh as cold as it was today it took an hour of washing dishes (beer glasses and sandwich plates) to clear it all out. The really intersting thing is that near my phone in the kitchen someone left me a note that said; "You were really right about Truman." Which leads me to believe that, my gosh, I was really drunk. We were talking about President Truman. And my guests must have been really drunk too, cause, one of them agreed with me. I just can't figure out what the hell I said about Harry Truman. And why the hell would he come up in conversation?
Ohh, I've got to say this, I have three days off for Easter (Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday!).

3/26/2002 07:25:00 PM
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