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Saturday, March 23, 2002

amanda peterson

What the heck? Do you remember the song "Rock Me Amadeus"? Well, I just read that the guy who sang (and wrote that song) Falco, died in 1998. Where the heck was I? I mean, in the grand scheme of things, its no big whoop, but he died four years ago, and I can't believe I didn't hear about it. I did enjoy the German version of the song (the B-Side) more than the English, it just sounded better (kind of like how the German version of "99 Red Balloons" sounds better than the English version even though you can't understand the words).
Okay, I promised myself a few weeks ago that I would pick out one news story out of the headlines and comment on it. Because, really, here at the AP Site, we just ramble on and on most times about the most inane things, and my gosh, some times we have to buckle up, get serious, and tackle the issues. This weeks issue;


According to Pamela Anderson (star of V.I.P. and formerly star of Baywatch) she has been diagnosed with the Hepatitis C virus. The most deadly (claiming almost ten thousand lives a year) strain of the Hepatitis virus. Mrs. Anderson claims she recieved the virus after sharing a tattoo needle with ex-husband Tommy Lee, drummer of the rock group Motley Crue.
Tattoo needle. Yea. Really. More like 'Heroin' needle, but they can't of course admit to that in the press. I'm quite sure that Pam and Tommy, some years back (Hep. C can stay dormant in your body for up to ten years) were sitting at home on a casual Tuesday and after dinner and drinks, retired to their bedroom for a night of quiet contemplation and smack abuse. At which time husband and wife (sharing the same needle, because you know, well, their husband and wife, they probably share the same toothbrush sometimes), gave each other a generous shot of heroin, and piggy backing along was a generous shot of Hep-C. Of course this is just an opinion, I have very little basis in fact (outside of common sense).
3/23/2002 07:46:00 PM
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