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Thursday, March 21, 2002

amanda peterson

When I first started out on the internet I remember Hotmail was unbeatable. I loved it. Easy to access from anywhere, easy to use. I really never much paid attention to Yahoo Mail, I always thought of that as a 'second tier' web based mail. My thinking has certainly changed in the last six months. I rarely ever check on my hotmail for a couple reasons. 1) Its a pain in the butt to access using Netscape, (I don't much care for Netscape but I have to use it at work), 2) pop ups everytime you open something, 3) and if you recently tried to start a hotmail account (as in the last four months), you have to contend (even at the highest filter setting) at least twenty junk mails a day. So like four months ago I started using a Yahoo mail (I even switched the mail I get here from hotmail to yahoo mail), and its like what Hotmail was a year ago. Also trying to get a cool hotmail address is impossible without putting like ten numbers behind the name you want.
Well, tomorrow is a day off. My only one this week. Next week is cool though, I have off on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday. My weekend shifts (9-6 on Sat., and 6-2 on Sunday) should be pretty easy. Sunday should be a really slow day, and I have to review a blog for The Weblog Review cause I haven't done one for over a week.
My gosh, I have nothing witty or humorous to say tonight. I guess I'll just go to bed. Sleep is simply the greatest thing.
I miss Quackers (see last 2 posts).

3/21/2002 08:35:00 PM
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