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Monday, March 04, 2002


Will the last good webmaster please turn the lights off when leaving the internet?

First our oft linked Eighties Supergroup Loverboy Site closes down and goes on the auction block for the asking price of $35,000. And now this shocking bit of news. One of our most favoritist, beloved, and respected sites, The Cheney Daily is closing down! You can read about it here. Oh, what depressing news.
This is interesting. Remember the kid from Stand By Me, Will Wheaton? Well he's got a website (a weblog). Its worth mentioning because to this day "Barforama" is a part of my lexicon. Will Wheaton. Like a billion people visit the site everyday. I can't imagine anyone putting an actor or actress who had a hugely popular movie in the eighties into a search engine and reading their site, but maybe thats just me.
Well, I'm too depressed over the loss of our favoritist website to post anymore. But I will close out tonights post with my most favorite "Random Dick Quote": " I think it is time I stop running and face the dog. "

3/04/2002 06:10:00 PM
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