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Sunday, March 17, 2002

amanda peterson

Woo Hoo!!!!! Okay I know this is really going to make me seem like a lamo, but what the heck. I am going to see Gordon Lightfoot on April 7th in Lancaster. The amazing thing is that I didn't go through Gord's website to find out where he was playing (I actually didn't know he had one). We just happened to be driving past The American Music Theater in Lancaster on the way back from a smorgashboard and I saw the sign out in front. So when I got home I called the theater and they saved us a couple of tickets. My gosh, I didn't even think he was still touring.
So anyway, about the smorgashboard I was at today. Why is it, that (and this might just be me), that when you know you are going to a buffet or and 'all you can eat' place, you get what I call the 'buffet curse'. Meaning, as much as you starve yourself before you get there, you eat one or two plates of food and just run out of steam, and are not hungry at all anymore. It happened to me today, I didn't eat all morning, and it was a total bummer. I mean, I had two barely full plates of food and just couldn't eat any more. This is going to sound weird (but than again everything you read here sounds weird), I stopped eating late yesterday afternoon in preperaton for the 1pm reservation. This was a pretty expensive shmorgasboard, I went last year, and I just kicked butt in how much I ate. This year, barely two plates. (Its $25.00 a person).
Suprisingly enough, today was St. Patricks day (duh, like you didn't know that) and I think they should do St. Pats day like Easter (have it on one certain day, not one certain date), make it like the 2nd Saturday of every March instead of going by the lame "Well it falls on this day this year.", like they do with Christmas. I mean, who can really enjoy St. Pats day if its on a Sunday? We all have to get up early Monday morning and go to work or school. Although I do have a good feeling that there are going to be a lot of McManns, Finnegans, McGreavey's, O'Learys, O'Connels, and like names not showing up for work tomorrow. Some days you just wish you were Irish I guess.
Ooh! Here's something I just read. Gordon Lightfoot is Canadian. You know, I really hope Quebec someday does secede from Canada. That way the rest of Canada could just ask to be admitted into the U.S. (New Foundland and another Canadian province was going to do it had their vote not gone the way it did the last time). I mean, really, they are our Fifty First State, and I am getting plenty sick of getting hosed by recieving change at the store and finding out when I get home that I recieved a Canadian quarter by accident. Although I will say this (with the exception of the new state quarters) their money is a heck of a lot nicer than ours. I think President Polk should be on the $100 dollar bill too. And get Lincoln off the penny and put him on the quarter, I mean, who really likes pennys? They are one heck of a pain to put them into those paper rolls so you can cash them at the bank. President Harding would be a good candidate to put on the penny.
3/17/2002 07:56:00 PM
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