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Sunday, March 03, 2002

amanda peterson

Wow, my last post was 2/27. My gosh, I haven't gone that long without a post since this blog's conception almost a year ago. (The archives only go back to September but trust me, I never wrote anything that fantastic so you really aren't missing much). And why such a long break? Well, something interesting happened to me. At work the other day (I think it was Monday) my co-worker Lisa said that her wedding is coming up in September and I should be getting an invitation any day now, to which she added; "I'm sure you won't come though." She said it as a joke, and we all got a good laugh about it, but there was some truth to it. I've gotten quite a reputation in the last year as someone who gets invited to stuff and says he'll be there, but at the last minute I just would rather stay at home and end up not going. Well, I decided early in the week that would stop. So in the last four days I have gone to 1) a dance recital, 2) a party, 3) a company breakfeast, 4) helped someone move, 5) and helped the company pick up trash off the side of the state route because we belong to the 'Adopt A Highway Program' . All while working the last four days. Yes, I am Superman, and yes, I will never commit myself to anything ever again. One intersting fact I learned, the majority of people who drink and drive prefer Miller Beer to all others. I picked up more cans of Miller beer than any other can. (Although I will say by a majority of 3 to 1, Mountain Dew is preferred over Pepsi). I had today off, thank God.
So whats in store for the next week? It ony happens once a month, and it is awesome! I can once again report, that just like The Eighties Super Group Loverboy, I have the weekend off! Here's something interesting. Normally when this happens I link to "", but when I did it this time and checked out the site, there was no more "". What the heck? Instead I was redirected to a site that said I could buy "" for $35,000. Or at least I could make a bid. (No one has made a bid yet). My gosh. So instead of "" we link you to "Tammi's Loverboy Page". I'm going to email "Tammi" and see if she knows anything about this. I have a feeling "Tammi" does know about this, and since her site is really the only non-commercial Loverboy site is at this very moment selling tons of banner ad space. I did notice that her site is "endorsed by Doug Johnson", a Loverboy band member.
Also this week we are going to work on more of our AP artwork (we've been recycling our last forty two artworks for the last month, my gosh its time for some new stuff).
I've also been thinking about messing around with the background. I mean, I like the color, but I don't know. I'm getting a little bored with it. I wasn't bored with it until Darcy changed hers to white and that looked really cool. Hmmm, I'm going to try out a new color each day I think, and maybe by the end of the week stick with the one I like the best. Although I will say this, I've grown attached to the current one. Hmmm. Maybe I'll just keep it the same.
Oh, one thing I finally noticed that I thought was really cool! Of course if you are reading this and you have a blog you are going to think I am an idiot because it seems like everyone knows this, but at the bottom of each post there is a time stamp. That time stamp is a "perma-link", and you can use it to link to any post you or someone else made in their blog without just linking to the persons main blog! That is pretty cool. My gosh, sometimes it takes a little bit of time for our 60 watt thought process to kick in and understand the obvious, but when it does, my gosh, it does. I have the urge to link to a post I made, but, I can't think of any I want to.
And here is something super interesting!!!!! Tonya Harding and Amy Fisher are going to duke it out on television. Well most of you are thinking "who cares?" well, if you look a little deeper into this story, there is more than one bout happening. There are actually three boxing matches. The second match (after Tonya and Amy) is Danny Bonaduce (sp?) and Barry Williams. BARRY WILLIAMS!!!! If you are a long time reader of the AP Site, you know that not last summer, but the summer before, Barry Williams (A.K.A. Greg Brady) came to our town and had a concert for our Fourth Of July Celebration, and the webmaster (Me!), got up on stage and was able to sing "Brite Sun Shiny Day" with Barry and like seven other fans. Oh it was super cool! The best part, the next day, our local paper had a picture of Greg Brad (Barry Williams) and me and six other people on stage with him on the front page! So what I am going to do, is take that picture from our local paper (I have seven copies) and scan the picture, and put a big blue dot over my face, and in the next few days post it here. Reason? I rocked with Greg Brady!!!!!!!!

3/03/2002 05:17:00 PM
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