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Monday, April 01, 2002

amanda peterson

Good Easter, Bad Easter...

Well, my holiday had a multiple personality. On one hand it stunk, on the other hand it was okay. My beloved Hyundai lost its transmission (lost as in, it died), just as I was about to head up North. It totally peed me off but I guess I am lucky that it didn't happen halfway up there, in the middle of the mountains, twenty miles away from the nearest town. Either or, it stunk. It stunk bad. Luckily the dealer says its under warranty. Of course they also said it will take four days to fix. Which means now I have to rent a car which will cost me five billion dollars or something, money I don't have of course. Nothing quite like going back into debt after you scraped and crawled you way to the surface. Oh well, at least I am used to it. I just hope the car I rent at least has a friggin radio that works. (Please don't email and rag on me about buying a foreign car though, this is the first car that I ever bought that didn't cost me a billion dollars in repairs, this is the first time I ever heard the words; ("its under warranty"). My previous three cars: Ford, Chevy, Chrysler.
So anyway my parents came and picked me up and I had a great time.
So anyway, earlier this morning I decided to send an 'E-Card' to a friend. I can't remember that last time I actually did this, but obviously quite a lot has happened since than. Every where I went to is actaully charging you money to send one! Actually charging you money to send one! I first went to MSN Greetings, than to AOL, than to Blue Mountain, and they all want money to send an 'E-Greeting'. I don't know what amazes me more; that they would charge for something like an email greeting card, or that there are actualy people out there that will spend money to do so. My neighbor Spencer says its because it is so easy to click on a 'send by credit card' or 'pay pal' button, and take a dollar or two out of your bank account. He thinks if you actually had to physicaly give someone two dollar bills to send an 'E-Card', you sure as heck wouldn't. I think this is the first time I actually agreed with Spence on anything. Anyway I ended up sending an E-Card but it was a pretty lame one because all the cool ones cost money. I did get some satisfaction though. One of the cards they are charging for I know I sent to someone about a year ago (for free).
Hmm, what else is happening. Hmmm. Okay, next weekend I start (once again) planting tomato plants. I think this years tomatoes will be much better than last years. This year I have a secret weapon. Yes, a secret weapon. And just what is this secret weapon? Rabbit poop. My secret weapon is rabbit poop. In case you thought you read that wrong, MY SECRET WEAPON IS RABBIT POOP. To make a long story short, I moved into this house after a good friend of mine, who had a rabbit, moved out. Well, she had a rabbit pen in her yard (with one rabbit). When she cleaned the rabbits cage she would dump the rabbit waste (rabbit poo poo) onto the ground below the rabbit cage. Well, she did that for three years. Thats where I am planting my tomatoes this year. Oh yea baby, I will have grande tomatoes this year. Grande Tomatoes.
P.S. How does Google index the internet with such accuracy? They use pigeons of course, they use pigeons.
4/01/2002 07:33:00 PM
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