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Sunday, April 07, 2002


How long have I kept a blog? Well, I think I am coming up on a year here in the spring (maybe May or June) but I am not completley sure. I never really paid attention to archives (theres really nothing earth shattering there), so the first five or six months of my blog are gone forever. But every now and again I come accross something interesting. I was going through my old floppy disks and clearing out junk on them I didn't want anymore so I could store new stuff on them. Well, I found a blogger entry from last July. I don't know the exact date cause back than when blogger would have trouble I would just write it into word and save it to the desk top or to a disk so I could post it another time. Well, tonight, a special treat for readers of the AP Site. An entry from sometime in July of 2001. Kind of like a 'Blast from the Past' except you don't have to hear a Duran Duran song.
Lost AP Site July 2001 Entry
"I woke up this morning around ten a.m. and was watching TV after eating breakfeast (a cup of coffee and a dill pickle, I don't know why I had the dill pickle, when I opened the fridge and saw them there I just had to have one). Well anyway, I started watching TLC (the learning channel) and watched the most fascinating surgury I have ever seen. I was completley captivated by how modern surgeons can go into someones brain, find an obsrtruction, or polyp, remove it, and have the patient on their feet again within a week. I was kind of suprized to see that they had the patient do a vigorous (sp?) regiman of walking in place and stair master workout, but I put that down to the operaton being done on the part of the brain that controlled controlled that function.
Than I realized, in the last five minutes of the show, that they weren't operating on the brain at all. (what I saw them operating on I thought was the brain) but was actually the 'patella' of a knee. Which would explain the excerise therapy. Of course it doesn't explain how I confused someones knee with the brain. Hmmm. Well moving on, I went to Hershey Park today and had my picture taken with a six foot tall four foot wide Hershey's Kiss."

4/07/2002 08:44:00 PM
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