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Friday, April 05, 2002


Lots of news to report here at your AP Site. My gosh, the last couple days have been eventfull. In light of the transmission problems of the old Hyundai, and the fact that we are sure a billion other things would start going wrong soon (it was a 1997) we decided to say the heck with it, and buy a brand spanking new 2002 Hyundai Accent GL four door sedan. (I bought a four door sedan, my gosh I am getting so old). The real important thing is, my gosh, a brand new 02 car. It had seven miles on it when I bought it. My gosh, I still can't get over it. Since delivery was made this afternoon I have stood outside staring at it (getting behind the wheel, popping the hood, looking in the trunk, sitting in the back seat) about five bilion times. New car smell! Whoo hoo! Its charcoal grey (sp?), which means its almost black, and has the most super cool 100,000 mile warranty. Even the taple player is warrantied for three years (notice I didn't get the CD player, I just have way too many tapes). So tomorrow I'll be driving my parents car back up to them after I get off work.
In other news I have pink eye. Or, as the professionals would call it CONJUNCTIVITIS. I guess if I am going to get an 'itis', this is the one to get. Its pretty easy to beat. How did I get it? I have no stinking clue. It must have been from one of my relatives that I saw over Easter. Anyway, I woke up yesterday morning and my left eye was burning and had all kinds of eye 'boogers' on it. I didn't think anything of it til the same thing happened this morning and both my eyes were burning and all gukked (thats not a reall word but oh well) up. So I called my doctor and he prescribed this antibiotic eye drops that I picked up this afternoon and started using. I am so thrilled he just called it in for me and I didn't actually have to go into his office cause there's no way I had a chance to do that and I'd be suffering even more. Well the drops are working, and it seems like its starting to clear up.
In more 'other news', I was at our local library today. I think next Friday when I have the day off I need to go there and just get all the books out I want, kind of make it a library day or something. This is the second time I went to the library for just an hour (thats all I had time for) and saw like a billion things I wanted to check out but just didn't have the time. I am very proud of myself for one thing though. The library now has six computers with internet access and I fought the urge to check my email. Not that there would have been anything important in there anyway. Tomrrow I work 2-10pm. And that sucks. But thats tomorrow. And this is today. Well actually, the time stamp after I press publish will say it is tomorrow, which is today if you are reading this, because it technically is tomorrow (or today if you are readin this now). Oh that was a brilliant statement. "It is today if you are reading this." I better stop this now.
4/05/2002 11:03:00 PM
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