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Monday, April 29, 2002

amanda peterson

My gosh, four days without the internet! I didn't even have a chance to say to my four regular readers that I wouldn't be around (okay, who am I kidding, three regular readers). I had to work all weekend (slaving like a dog for the man) and we had company Friday-Sunday which means since the computer room is in the spare bedroom, well, no computer (I could look at the computer every now and again but thats about it). That wouldn't be so much of a problem because at work (did I mention I slaved like a dog all weekend for the man?) there is an awesome T-3 access. Well, not this weekend cause they disconnected us to work on the server Saturday and Sunday (thats what they say, but I really think they do it just to see us read the lame Time magazine and Reader's Digest that the office subcribes to). I mean, there are only so many "Humor In Uniform" or "Laughter The Best Medicine" you can read. We have a TV at work, but differing opinions on what we should watch and I was in the minority (a very close 3-2 vote) and ended up watching The Golden Girls and Lifetime the better part of the weekend. Oh yea, and I worked too. Late Sunday afternoon I thought we would have the majority because one of my coworkers called in sick, but they quickly replaced her with someone that sided with the majority. Okay, more later, I have bookmarks to check (its been four days!!!).
Cause its important that you know this is written later. Well I noticed that an inordinate amount of folks stopped by your AP Site over the weekend (anything over seven hits in a day is inordinate). Turns out on April 25th one of the people that work at Mozilla linked my April 22nd Mozilla-Godzilla entry to their own weblog. You can see it HERE (april 25th entry). It turns out that this Mozilla is a web browser (one that according to Time magazine) is scaring the heeby jeebies out of Microsoft. Which must make Steve Jobs happy (which makes me happy), but also makes AOL happy (which makes me sad). Anywho, a different browser intrigues me so I am going to try it (and of course report on it here, cause we are so cutting edge at your AP Site, we are so cutting edge), and I just hope some Mozilla folk have educated themselve on Godzilla. Oh yea, tomorrow I am having "Crawfish" for the first time. I am told (and I saw pictures today on the internet) that they are just like little lobsters. This should be interesting. Of course there will be guilt, so it better taste good.

4/29/2002 05:19:00 PM
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