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Tuesday, April 30, 2002

amanda peterson

My initial plan for tonights post was to go into pretty good detail on what I did today (it was a day off!). Well, that kind of went out the window. I logged on 8pm and for the last two hours have just been finding like a ton of cool stuff to read and see on the net. Its weird, sometimes you log on and nothing interests you and than other times you log on and there's not enough time in the night to read all the interesting stuff on whatever subject you interested in. Of coure I will not say what I have been reading about cause I alreay make myself out to be a super geek the way it is. (Oh and if you saw what I have been reading you would want to by me blue tights and a red cap and a big letter G for geek on my chest).
Morning Well, so today in brief. Since it was a day off I woke up late (and I would have woken up later had I not had to go to the bathroom so bad, I so need to not drink so much water before I go to bed) and I honestly don't know that I did much of anything in the first few hours accept sit at the kitchen table and watch the Today Show (which I really don't like but I couldn't find the remote and I am oh so lazy on my days off). Breakfeast-two sausage sandwhiches, with ketchup, two cups of coffee, two zantac.
Afternoon I watched Law and Order and washed dishes. Around two pm I took a nap. Than I had piece of pizza, a cup of coffee, and a pickle. I watched a little bit of an Alec Baldwin movie that was on TNT or TBS, it was that one that had to do with Medgar Evers. I don't remember the name. At five pm I watched the Simpsons.
Evening Had tacos for dinner and watched the 70's show. I don't know that it was one of their better episodes (I am so not into singing and dancing on sitcoms) but seeing Rogor Daltry shove a cheeseburger into his face was oh so worth it. Check this out: I noticed that one of the characters in the 70's Show (I forget which one) said that when they were putting the show together it was originally called "Teenage Wasteland". I guess thats why Rogor was on. Oh I am so observational! (Of course I didn't realize that til like an hour after the show was over).
4/30/2002 07:45:00 PM
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