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Wednesday, April 24, 2002


Okay, this stinks. After I sing the praises of Yahoo like two weeks ago now anyone sending mail to me through gets "Sorry, your message to cannot be
delivered. This account has been disabled or discontinued." What the heck is that? I know its not disabled or deleted, but cause I just sent myself mail from there. Oh, I could scream. And on top of it all (which may be the root of tonights anger, is I left my dinner at home so I am starving). And the elastic on the sock on my left foot is way too loose and my sock keeps falling down, which is annoying me to no end.
Update 10:41pm
Cool! My Yahoo is working again. For the last couple days I haven't been able to post anything (trust me, you didn't miss anything, you could skip out on this site for a couple weeks and not miss anything terribly important). I wrote another review for The Weblog Review and its almost impossible to post anything here when I do that. I love writing the reviews, but doing it is pretty laborous (sp?), some blogs go back as far as far as a couple years and if I didn't read the whole thing, well, that would just seem wrong. Well since I spend so much time on reviewing blogs (and I only do one or two a week) I finally decided that I would link the reviews I did here at The AP Site. I thought I would do that when I first started reviewing sites but every now and again I review I site that just plain isn't very good, and I have to give said site a pretty low score and pretty much say it isn't very good. I noticed when other reviewers did that, they get a ton of people who like the low rated site, and than they visit the reviewers site (and tell all their friends who do the same) and pretty much tell the reviewer that he or she is a jerk face.. Well, I thought, if Siskel and Ebert put their necks on the chopping block, maybe I should have the same guts too. So, on the left side of this blog I am going to link all the reviews I've done (link to the review, not to the site). Oh, and if you see your site reviewed by me and you think my site stinks (read the faq) please email your opinion, the YACCS comments get overloaded pretty easy! I have to say this though, no matter how much flack you take from people who are upset with their review (and if you are upset you can always resubmit it for review) if you like blogging, you probably like reading other blogs, and reviewing other ones is really a ton of fun! (Plus it give the billion hours you spend online some type of purpose).

4/24/2002 02:24:00 PM
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