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Sunday, May 19, 2002


AP Site Personal Family Photos!

Yup, family photos! (The whole Cat Bath series will be up tonight along the left hand side menu, it seemed better there). So today I had occasion to go through a whole bunch of photo albums. Those of you (all three of four) who are familiar with the AP Site know that I have one of the wierdest familys there is. Of course almost all families are wierd, what separates mine from most is I have photographic evidence of the wierdness. Evidence from the early 1950's till present day. I thought tonight I would share again with everyone, the wierdness that is my family. Along with each picture below is a brief description. (Its probably best to open the picture in a new browser window). Of course read the description first, you have too, my family pictures are to wierd to understand without explanation.

My Mom looking at someones rear end, 1957 There is nothing weirder than seeing a picture of your mom forty years ago, except when your mom is 'copping' a look.

My Grandfather at the beach, 1955 Its not as bad as him being the Jolly Green Giant (from the menu to the left), but I think if he were alive today, and saw what I was doing with his pictures, he would kick my butt. I don't know what I love more, the funny hat, or the expression on his face. I miss this man who always seemed to have the funniest pictures!

In 1976 my siter gave birth to a six pound tabby cat named "Keekee" Try to find a cat stroller nowadays.

There were six inch tall people alive in 1978! Take a look at this picture! It was supposed to be a picture of flowers my grandmother just recieved. Notice (I pointed it out in a red arrow) the little person watching from the floor. What the heck is that? I mean, my gosh, its a little person!!!!!! They exist!!!!

If Time Travel were possible..... I would go back to 1975 and change our cats litter box, I mean, look at it, there's hardly even any litter in it.

Fun things to do before the internet! As my mom and aunts demonstrate here, the real fun thing to do was to go to the lake and stand in the center of an innertube. Gosh, don't we miss those days!

This is going to be my last post till I think Wednesday or Thursday. Not only do I have to write a review at The Weblog Review, I work every single day this week (mon-fri.). Which of course means that I am like The Eighties Super Group Loverboy and have the whole weekend off! Woo hoo!

5/19/2002 06:00:00 PM
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