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Tuesday, May 14, 2002


The entry of a few days ago (the booger eye one, and being Vice-President) had me thinking. I was going to post this a couple days ago but I was at work and got busy and never got to finish it. (I'm at about 22% when it comes to finishing things I start).
Well anyway, I once was a 'Vice-President'. Back in eigth grade I was the Vice President of the Sci Fi club. I had wanted to be President, but I lost by two votes to Sandy Pyzowski (out of 19 votes cast). This was a total bummer at the time because I was sure I had least seven votes locked up and was counting on the undecideds to sweep me to victory. After the lose, in a protest, myself and my friend Freddy Spinelli boycotted the swearing in ceremony (which was the first Sci-Fi club meeting, and yes, Freddy Spinelli was the other vote I got, besides mine). Well anyway, three weeks into being Vice President I got to be President (for one day). Let me first say that the Vice Presidents duties were pretty much ceremonial, unless something happened to the President, I pretty much did squat. As I recall, and this just shows you how mean Sandy Pyzowski was (and how much she did not deserve to win), during the meetings she never called me 'Vice President', she always called me "Vippy", and well, everyone would laugh and I had to laugh or else I would seem like a spoil sport. After all, you know, everyone wanted Sandy Pyzowski as President (sans me and Freddy, although Freddy kind of had the hots for Sandy). Okay, back to my 'Presidency'. We would meet on Mondays at 2:30pm. School dismissed at 2:52pm and if you belonged to an activity you could leave your last class at 2:30pm and go there. On the Sunday night before our fourth meeting Sandy and one of her friends were walking near the Memorial Park in town. A shot rang out, and President Pyzowski was struck right above the eye by an errant pellet from a pellet gun. (And no, I was not the shooter, and neither was Freddy). She had to be taken to the hospital (for a minor injury from what I heard, but the minor ones always bleed a lot and everyone freaks out when there is blood) and missed school on Monday cause her mom wanted to keep her home. Thus, I was able to preside over our the fourth meeting of the Sci Fi Club as President (Sandy returned to the club next week). Of course, the only information we had was Sandy was shot by a pellet gun, no one knew who did it, and there were more than a ton of suspicous eyes on me at the meeting. The shooter was actually Billy Hopkins, who had been aiming at the 'Do Not Curb Your Dog' sign near where Sandy was walking but of course that info didn't come out till like days later. I do remember, during that meeting (when I reached the heigth of the political spectrum) talking about "Cocoon" and how the movie differed from the book, all the while thinking; "My constituents think I took a pellet gun to the President". Well anyway, I left he Sci Fi club a few weeks later. Well anyway, I saw Sandy Pyzowski at the supermarket up North a couple months ago. She has two children (was married, now divorced from what she said), and when she saw me in the canned foods isle she yelled 'Vippy!' Well, it wasn't like the vindicitive way you do in eigth grade and we talked for a bit. She did tell me that she and a friend of hers told everyone in the Sci Fi Club, on the day of the election, that if I was elected President I would require all the member to read one Sci Fi book a week and do a verbal report on it at the meeting, thus blowing my chances at being President (cause who wants to do verbal reports, much less be forced to read a book a week).

5/14/2002 07:06:00 PM
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