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Friday, May 31, 2002


"I am Neil Diamond"

I was ragging on a coworker of mine the other day who is going to see Neil Diamond in concert in Philly soon, I mean I like Neil Diamond but I had to rag on her for something. She passed me a note that said:

"My name is Neil Diamond. I have sold a Godzillion records. I was selling out football stadiums when Brittany Spears was still in diapers. I still sell out football stadiums and I will continue to sell out football stadiums long after Brittany has appeared in Playboy in a vain attempt to remind the world that she was once famous. I am Neil Diamond, and I rock."

That was funny.

Well, I guess the 'comments error' thing is happening cause I didn't listen to Darcy and do the new YACCS code thingy. I am looking at it now and I am befuddled. Actually not too befuddled, I just want to say 'befuddled' cause its a cool word. I should get the YACCS thingy right soon, the problem is that its hot up here and cool downstairs and I am off today which usually means instead of getting stuff done I lay around and watch TV. As a matter of fact in the time it took me to write this I could have probabbly done the YACCS thingy. Maybe the problem isn't that I didn't upgrade it. Oh, I'm sure it is. My gosh its hot up here. I'm also supposed to do laundry today, but the laundry room is hot. Its a good thing I wasn't with George Washington cause I would have said "Man, its too cold to cross the river and attack, my gosh its Christmas too.", and we'd still be British. Which I guess would be better than being French though. Polly-Voo-Fron-Say. I don't know what that means, I think hello, and I spelled it out phonetically (sp?) cause I can barely write english without a screw up much less actual French, or even English that looks like French sounds. I so better stop this post.
5/31/2002 08:22:00 AM
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