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Wednesday, May 01, 2002


MOZILLA- Last sighting, Pennsyvlania.
Yup, right now, as I type, I am downloading Mozilla. According to CNET this is a 10 MB download (so it should take me darn near twenty minutes). Am I pioneer here? No of course not. I was kind of chickening out on downloading it (I am so not into change), but than it seemed to work pretty gosh darn good at THE DORK BLOG so here we go. (Thats how we got our YACCS comments, it worked well over there, so of course we stole the idea).
So while it is downloading (at 45% now) I'll just blab about my day. I had today off (which means I work this weekend). I woke up around 8am. (at 47% now) I pretty much just fiddled around all morning (and early afternoon) doing pretty much squat (I did dirty some dishes). I watched Magnum PI (which was some wierd ghost episode, isn't it weird how all shows must have some type of weird ghost episode), and than moved a bookshelf into the computer room (guest room). Its not a big bookshelf, as a matter of fact it wasn't a bookshelf at all until now. It originally was a video library (thats what they called it, its about three and a half feet tall and holds about fifty video tapes), but since we have the new entertainment center, I thought I would just use it as a bookshelf up here. (We really don't have a 'new' entertainment center. My parents bought a new one and we got their old one). At 66% now.
The crawfish last night were awesome! And yes, they are just like little lobsters. I mean, picture a lobster, and than picture a lobster the size of half a hot dog. (half a hot dog, great comparison). Either or, its a miniature lobster. How you eat them is you twist off the tail and pull out the tail meat (the tail meat is about the size of a small shrimp), and than you dip it in butter and wolf it down. I mean, my gosh, the taste was out of this world. It doesn't taste like crab or lobster, but yet it kind of does, if you know what I mean. So we had like over a hundred of them (which is not a great deal considering how small they are), and I think I ate around forty of them before I got full. Being in Pennsylvania we of course didn't have fresh crawfish, they were actually frozen (product of Spain), and all we had to do was reheat them in the microwave. Thank gosh for the Sunday paper, its quite a mess. I did feel a little guilty, but it was worth it. At 87% now.
Okay, here we go, its at 97%, I'll post this and try it out.
Update 11:38pm
Using Mozilla to make this post. I am impressed by how quick the pages load. Mozilla is definatly closer to netscape than I.E. I do like the layout. It seems like if you are familiar with Netscape you won't have much of a problem with this (click on Instant Message and it takes you to AIM). Well, it pretty much looks like the Netscape browser, except it hasn't crashed (like Netscape does all the time). So far (in my twenty mintues of use) it has worked pretty gosh darn well. Of course I am suspect of it, cause it looks so much like Netscape, and Netscape just plain sucks. Did I mention that Netscape sucks? If I didn't, allow me to mention that Netscape sucks. Well, outside of the fact that it looks like Netscape (which sucks), I am very impressed. My blogger post page is lacking a couple things, but I'm guessing thats a blogger issue. Tomrrow I'll give it another try, bummer that it looks like Netscape though (which sucks).
5/01/2002 08:20:00 PM
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