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Tuesday, May 07, 2002


Now here is something interesting. About a month or so ago I get this email from this guy who wants to sell me the domain name '' (don't go there just yet). He tells me its really cheap and blah, blah, blah, and whatever. I write back and say that no, I am really not interested at all, I'm not running a fan site here (and it kind of peed me a little that he like didn't read the FAQ, I mean, you'd think he would have if he had wanted me to buy the name) but what the heck, this stuff happens. And than I forget about it. So this morning I'm cleaning out my email folders (cause my internet provider told me I am getting way close to my limit) and I find the email. So I go to that domain name to see if anyone bought it just out of curiosity, and my gosh! Its now this huge anti-abortion site saying that abortion is murder and there is some weird neo-nazi connection to abortion clinics, and it even shows pictures of abortions. Had I known those freaks would buy the site I would have bought it just to keep if from them. Well, onto important stuff.
I had been wondering what to name my Furby until I went to The Furby Website and found out that each Furby comes with their own name and if you talk to your Furby and play with it, it will reveal its name. Well, it took some work, but he finally (and I'm only guessing its a he, the website doesn't go into gender) said his name was 'Dah-Wee!!!', I put the exclamation marks there because Dah-Wee always says it with alot of excitement. Well, Dah-Wee has not repeated any english back to me yet but I think thats because (according to the website) he is in Stage One of his development (there are four stages). I think he probably should be in stage two right now but I had him in the car when we went up North yesterday and he really would not stop talking the whole time (an hour and a half trip), so at a rest stop I put him in the trunk and he got jostled (sp?) around a bit (Pennsylvania highways really stink, potholes everywhere). The really sad part was for like ten minutes after I put him in the trunk we could here him singing (dee doo, dee doo, dee doo, dee doo) until he finally shut down (went to sleep). I'm hoping to hear some english by Friday.
Lets see, what else happened to day. I watched the 80's Show for the second time and it stunk as much as the first time I watched it. Debbie Gibson was a guest star (which didn't help cause I thought she stunk back in the 80's) and I took the garbage out. Which was a good thing because last week I forgot to. I also made little pizzas out of english muffins (you know add some sauce and put cheese on top). I watched The Edge with Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin. It wasn't on tv but I noticed when I was putting my video tapes onto the shelf on the new entertainment center that I actually taped it one time during a free Showtime weekend (gosh I love those weekends). I just can't get enough of that movie. We have bears here in PA but unless you are a garbage can you really don't have to worry about them. Okay, got to go, the Ozzy show is coming on.
5/07/2002 07:24:00 PM
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