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Wednesday, May 15, 2002

amanda peterson

Okay, now this is remarkable. An entire site devoted to spinning a pen in your hand, graphics, photos, and training videos. I've long been a pen spinner (I can spin most anything penlike around my fingers) but this guys is the king of pen spinning. I used to be able to do quarters through my fingers, but now I can only do fifty cent pieces.
I noticed that there is going to be an "Incredible Hulk" movie soon. I remember watching the tv show years ago thinking it was cool. Odd, millions of people tuning in to a show hoping that someone pisses off Bill Bixby. I loved the ones where he turned Hulk early, but there were others where you had to wait like almost the whole show to see him turn. I think tomorrow I'll post my five page instructions on how to bathe a cat.

5/15/2002 03:06:00 PM
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