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Saturday, May 04, 2002


Okay, remember about a month or so ago I posted a link to a site where these two people (a guy and a girl) had created their own blog so that they could post love notes back and forth to each other during the day? I guess they thought it was a private thing, and I even mentioned how I felt guilty about posting it, but it was pretty cool to see two people so totally in love with each other post mushy stuff back and forth every day. I think I even mentioned how sometimes it got so mushy it made me sick. Well, I've been keeping tabs. And things for our two lovers have gone quite bad. The blog was originally called "Ally Loves Nick" and than became "My Little Shmookem" or something like that. Well, unfortunatly The Great Ally Loves Nick Relationship Is Over. I will miss it. (I do think in the latest post Nick is being a meany though). I guess they aren't going to make heart shaped pancakes together anymore. Well, anyway, I can't tell what exactly happened at the prom that caused their relationship to go over the edge (although I do think things had been rocky even before that, if you read the post up until than you'd agree) and the prom incident was just the boiling over point. I think Nick's insecurity was their doing in, and as Nick's insecurity grew (gosh I sound like Oprah) Alyssa came to not know who Nick was anymore. Well anyway, the link again is The Great Ally Loves Nick Relationship Is Over.
Yesterday when I was up North my niece Ashley (the one who interviewed AP for us) gave me a Furby. Remember them? Well she didn't actually buy it for me, she said she got so sick of it annoying her that I should have it. So for a good portion of the day while I am doing my day's activities (sitting around doing nothing) I have been trying to get this darn thing to say my name. I thought thats what they were suppposed to do, they hear one thing over and over again and they say it. Well, my Furby just wants to sing and it is really peeing me off. I also think they bear a remarkable resemblence to Gizmo the Moguai from "Gremlins". Its song goes; "Dee doo, dee doo, dee doo, dee doo." Oh what the heck, I might as well say it, he is pretty gosh darn cute. I've not come up with a name for it yet though.
Update 8:45pm
I have just started to print out the nine page 'help' instructions from the Furby website. Yea, I know what you are thinking; "I think the webmaster at the AP Site needs to get a life", well, you don't have a Furby. Dee doo, dee doo, dee doo, dee doo.
5/04/2002 05:20:00 PM
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