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Thursday, May 30, 2002



I so need to get an air conditioner up in this room. Most of the rest of the house has a.c., but this one doesn't. Gosh its hot. The problem with air conditioning is, if you have never had it you don't need it. But if you have it one portion of your house, every portion has to have it or those rooms that don't are just unbearable. I so wish fall would last all year round.
Okay, enough complaining. I stumbled acrross this cool idea that someone did. I soon as I read it I know I had to do it here. Katherine Miller over at Blissfully Bitter did a piece called; 'One Hundred Things About Katharine'. If you remember this is one of the first blogs I reviewed at The Weblog Review. Probably the best blog I came across there (not counting the Cheney Daily, God rest its soul). Maybe I shouldn't call it a blog though, she's a real writer. Well either or, it was a cool idea and it so needs to be replicated!!!!!! I don't know that I can write a hundred things about myself, but I'm going to try. So, without further ado (rhymes with Apoo):
100 Things About Your AP Site Author

1) I am a male.
2) I have two sisters (one is a twin, meaning; I have twin sister).
3) I am right handed.
4) I am Italian-Jewish
5) I have four cats (Mr. Black, Boots, Lucy, and Ricky)-yes, I named them after Lucille Ball and Ricky Ricardo (Dezi Arnez).
6) My oldest sister is named Dez (Desiree) and she teaches english in a highschool in Jersey.
7) My Uncle Leo is a total jerkface (Oh, such a jerkface)
8) I just barely graduated high school.
9) Because I partied way too much in high school.
10) I rarely get the chance to 'party' now.
11) I broke my hip jumping from a swingset in 1982.
12) I know sign language (my oldest sister taught me it when I was stuck at home for two months after breaking my hip in 1982).
13) I never wear sunglasses, I look funny in them.
14) My favorite hobby is sleeping.
15) Sometimes if I have a lazy day off and nothing to do, I will take some Nyquil just so I can nap.
16) At the end of the day (before I go to bed) I love to have an 'adult beverage'.
17) I sometimes worry that I drink too much.
18) I have been working for the same company since 1996.
19) I love my job.
20) While playing with knives back in 1985 my best friend accidentally put a buck knife through my knee.
21) At the end of the day, if I am especially tired, I develop a limp.
22) I drink about five cups of coffee a day.
23) I can't dance.
24) If I am alone in my house, I will sometimes dance (and the cats think I rock!).
25) I can't sing.
26) I love karokee!
27) I hate flowers, they remind me of funerals.
28) I have no musical talent what-so-ever. I can barely play the radio.
29) I have been hospitalized five times in my life (for over two days) ER visits don't count.
30) I have never won anything at fairs or carnivals. I love the games of chance there (almost as much as I love petting "The World's Smallest Horse"). In 1985 my twin sister won me a stuffed 'Gizmo' from the movie 'Gremlins', I still have it.
31) I always wear my seatbelt.
32) I am the only person I know that loved 'Evita'. I am the only guy I know that thinks Antonio Banderas made the movie.
33) I am way to tired to finish this now.

5/30/2002 07:22:00 PM
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