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Sunday, May 12, 2002

amanda peterson

Well I may have stolen the white background idea from The Dork Blog, but it looks like Foxnews stole it from me. I actually once (last summer) joined the Fox News fan club to get the free coffee cup they were advertising, and I actually recieved it like a few weeks later. Its a really cool cup but I lost the lid a few months back and now I can't take it in the car. My sister watches Fox News all the time but I think its because she is infatuated with Sheppard Smith.
Today is mothers day so I better get myself into town and buy something (the great thing about living 90 minutes from your parents is that you actually have a day or two after the holidays to buy them something).
Todays brief shopping list:
Cabbage-(I'll get into this later, its just to strange to explain briefly now).
Mrs. Dash
Coke-(well actually not Coca Cola, the generic equivilant in the 2 liter form)
Nyquil-(again, the generic equivilant, oh this stuff is good)
Sunday paper-(for the tv guide and to see if anyone I know shows up in the police blotter, thats always fun to see).

5/12/2002 11:11:00 AM
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