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Saturday, May 25, 2002

amanda peterson

A whole week without posting. Wow. I don't think that has happened since a last October. Normally during the week if I have a really tough schedule or something I manage to post a few lines about what I am doing (or not doing) or complaining about what I am doing (or not doing). Well, this week stunk. It stunk Big Time (I do love that Peter Gabriel song and I love when I can worm 'Big Time' into the blog somehow). So what I'll do is just run down what happened each day of the week (or at least the important things, cause you know, I do a lot of important things because I am an important person. Yes, I am important. I've got four cats that will tell you how important I am). I've red that the Egyptions thought that cats were manifestations of God. Well, on Tuesday God peed on my left sneaker and on Wednesday he puked in the bathroom.
Worked 8am-4pm (this is my work shift all week)
Breakfeast-Coffee and a jelly doughnut.
Lunch- Lasagna (ordered out) from a restaurant named 'Gino's'.
Dinner-Two hot dogs and Bush's baked beans (original style).
Gordy (our I.T. guy) told me ( in a hushed voice, while we were downstairs in the breakroom) that he has never paid for any of the coffee at work. At work we have one of those industrial coffee makers that you find at convienence stores. There is an honor system that says everytime you take a cup of coffee you should put fifty cents into the coffee change container next to the coffee machine. Gordy has been working there for almost two years and admits that he drinks at least two to three cups of coffee a day. Whats really troubling is that I drink the same amount of coffee at work that he does, and I also have never paid for it. Oh yea, I've been working there since 1996.
Breakfeast- Don't remember, I think an english muffin and coffee.
Lunch- Lasagna (again) from 'Gino's'. As a twist, I ask for the Thousand Island dressing instead of the Italian dressing I ordered on Monday.
Dinner-Grilled cheese sandwiches (2) and a bowl of tomato soup. And a pickle. And later a bowl of chocolate chip mint ice cream. And later than that chocolate milk. And before I went to bed, some popcorn (and iced tea).
Only two interesting things happened to me on Tuesday. I wrote a review for The Weblog Review and after work (during the popcorn and chocolate milk thing) I watched Romeo and Juliet. The one with Leonardio Dicrapio and that blond haired girl (don't remember her name). Its possibly the worst movie ever made. It just plain stunk. I'm guessing that Shakespear, after he died, was cremated cause had he not been cremated, he would surely have clawed his way to the surface and killed everyone involved with the movie.
Oddly enough, I don't know what I ate or did on Wednesday. Thats weird.
Breakfeast-None. My alarm went off but instead of hitting the snooze alarm I just turned the alarm clock off and woke up twenty minutes after my shift at work had started. Luckily it was a very slow morning. I got to work an hour and a half late. I was the butt of many jokes. The Springsteens told me that I could stay late forty five minutes so that it wouldn't count against my vacation time.
Lunch- Lasagna from Gino's again.
Dinner- Two cheeseburgers, tater tots, and iced tea.
Breakfest-(we ordered from a place called 'Sunset Diner') two sunny side up eggs, homefries (onions on the potatoes), toast and jelly.
Lunch-None, I was still eating my homefries.
Dinner-Ordered out (delivery) from Pizza Hutt. Two large Pizzas, an order of wings (the mild dressing) and one of those 'pizone' or 'peezone' things.
I took my 2002 Hyundai Accent GL to the carwash. I screwed up the automatic car wash thing and thank gosh there was an attendent there who reset the automatic bay for me (I think I drove to far forward when I was pulling into it). It worked on the second time that I pulled into it though.
5/25/2002 07:58:00 PM
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