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Monday, May 27, 2002


Working on Memorial Day

Of course since its a holiday I am working. I don't know how much actual 'real' work I am going to do, but I guess someone has to be here. Well, there's actually three people here and we're all doing just about nothing. I guess I'll just update with all my exciting events throughout the day.
It suddenly occurred to me that the guy who killed Martha Moxley is probably going to get away with it. If I ever have kids, and especially a daughter I will give her this advice:
Don't talk to strangers. Don't talk to Kennedys. Don't take candy from strangers. Don't take candy from Kennedys.
This is fascinating (sp?). Last Meal requests from the Texas death row. It comes from the Texas Department of Justice Website. I noticed that steak was not a popular request, I thought it would be. Eggs are pretty popular it seems.
I have just been elected the person to go to Mcdonalds and get breakfeast. I hope everyone gives me close to exact change cause giving them like three different orders at the drive thru just gets confusing.
My favorite Brady Bunch episode was the one where Mrs. Brady was taken to court for a traffic accident and the guy was saying he had back pain and was suing them and Mr. Brady let his briefcase drop on the floor so the guy would turn around and everyone could see that he was faking it.
Outside of the building there is a marching band going by and what I think are girls scouts. Its starting to rain like heck and the band people and girl scouts looked very pissed off.
Right after the marching band there were some little league baseball players who all had these plastic rain coats (you know the kind you buy at amusement parks) and they were just as happy as you can be. Than after the little leaguers came some boyscouts who were getting soaked and did not have those plastic rain coats. So much for 'always be prepared'. It looks like now they are canceling the parade.
To lessen the chance of me blowing myself up, I bought some of those match lit charcols. I'm going to try them out this afternoon. Also, whenever I am bored at work and I sign onto AIM there is never anyone online. If I go home and I'm online and I don't have time to talk to people there's allways a million people online. I even unblocked some people who I really don't care much to talk to (for whatever reasons) so that if I was at work I could at least talk to them, but they're not even online.
Muphy's Law:
"If you percieve that there are four possible ways in which a procedure can go wrong, and circumvent these, than a fifth way, unprepared for, will promptly develop."
Last meal request of Gerald Miller, executed in Texas October 22, 2001: a bag of assorted Jolly Ranchers.
Before I left work on Friday I was informed that the anonymous suggestion box was being removed. From what I understand a suggestion was made that one of the important people here in the building should remember to bring their brain to work instead of leaving it on the kitchen table at home. They are examining the handwriting on the suggestion to try to match it up with the suggester (don't worry it wasn't me). In the meantime they are putting together a suggestion process by which you can make a suggestion, but you have to hand your suggestion to an appropriate supervisor. The reason for this, I am told, is so that you cannot make a suggestion and sign someone elses name.
Fifteen more minutes and I'm out of here.

5/27/2002 04:34:00 AM
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