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Sunday, June 23, 2002


Back from North Carolina! I have to say, even though the trip was short (four days), I so enjoyed it. I didn't enjoy getting stuck for two hours near and around the Washington D.C. beltway (although I got a pretty good view of the Washington monument, you know, the one sticking straight up with a pointy top, I think) and I loved stopping at The Old Country Buffet in Fredricksburg, Virginia. I loved stopping at it so much that we stopped there on the way home. Fredricksburg is a great place to eat, but of course, a terrible place to be if you were a Union soldier in the early 1860's. I have to say this, I was (and I know this might be unfounded) I did feel really out of place driving around N.C. with my Pennsylvania license plate. Of course, that might be me being "widgety". Anyways, we had such a good time we may go down again in August (this is our fourth trip to the future in-laws) last time we went (a year ago?) is was so darn hot I really didn't enjoy it much.
I read that Ann Landers died. Its a bummer of course when anyone dies but I do have to put my two cents in. As much as I think Ann Landers was probably so much a better person than I am, I have to say, her advice stunk. Like once every few weeks I would come accross her column in the paper and read it, and most of the time I disagree with her. I think she is related to that other "ASK" person, "Abbey" or "Abby" or whatever. I really think a lot of those questions are posed or something. Either or, they both gave (give) pretty crappy advice. It is sad to see her go though.
Now here is something really cool, The Deer Hunter is on American Movie Classics tonight, which means I will finally will get it on tape (which is super cool cause I just watched another Deniro movie "Good Fellas" on Lifetime tonight).
6/23/2002 07:13:00 PM
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