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Monday, June 03, 2002


Back in the saddle.

I have been put in charge of the care and feeding of the office plants. I had this reponsiblity once before, from March to mid-April. My tenure ended when I was relieved of my duties because the plants, within a couple of weeks, started dying. Now, I'm no plant expert but I am pretty handy with Tomatos (two tomato gardens in two years and I only lost one plant). Now here's where it gets sticky.
I was relieved and one of my other coworkers, we'll call her Mrs. Y, was put in charge. Mrs. Y didn't have any better luck and one of the Spider plants just died and another is facing imminent death (its figuratively circling the drain as we speak) and she was relieved of her duties. Well Mrs. Y said she remembers another one of my coworkers, we'll call her Mrs. X, saying in the beginning of March that she didn't think I was watering them enough. Mrs. Y also said she remembers Mrs. X saying that she might start watering them before I came in in the morning. Mrs. Y said she didn't think that was a good idea and they never spoke about it again. Well, not to long after that conversation the plants started dying. They rebounded at the beginning of Mrs. Y's tenure as plant person and did well for about a week. Mrs. Y thought at the time that it was because she was a green thumb, but after a week or two they started to die again. We just put together (the recently relieved Mrs. Y and I) that Mrs. X was actually on vacation during the first week of Mrs. Y's tenure, and thus is the reason the plants did better (because Mrs. X wasn't there to over water them when no one was looking). Well anyway, Mrs. Y said to me today that she has a witness to Mrs. X watering the plants a week ago and Mrs. Y wants to confront Mrs. X. The problem is, I know for a fact the witness just plain hates Mrs. X and might be making up the story, although I am sure the plants are dying from over watering. You see, he plants are all hanging plants and its almost impossible to tell if they are very dry or very wet. Well anyway, I think we are going to confront Mrs. X tomorrow, although I argued against it cause Mrs. X is actually leaving the office for good in two weeks and I'd rather avoid the confrontation. But Mrs. Y insists that we confront her and if Mrs. Y does confront her, than I have to be there to cause we've been talking about this for like two weeks (the possiblity of a sabotuer) and I hate to part ways with a coworker in a badway. But if she has been stupidly over watering the plants I guess she does deserve it. Hmmm, decisions, decisions.

Here's an in interesting tidbit for the free AIM users. Our I.T. guy Gordy tipped me off on this. If you are user of AOL's free I.M. more than likely you came accross a problem where you couldn't sign in and had to try it a couple times and than you finally recieved a warning that said you have been trying to sign on too many times and to try again later. According to Gordy, this is AOL's way of limiting the load on their system because they sometimes have trouble just handling their paying customers I.M.s. According to Gordy if you do get this error, forget about trying to sign on 'in a few minutes' like AOL recommends. You won't get on for a few hours.

It looks like the The Weblog Review is going to start paying us reviewers for doing reviews. Maybe know I'll get off my lazy rear and do more than one a week.
6/03/2002 03:03:00 PM
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