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Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Blast From The Past

This is super interesting (and yet kind of upsetting). Last night it was so darn hot in the guest room (where we keep the computer) cause of course thats the only room without air conditioning that I just couldn't stay up there very long. So I went through some boxes that I found in my parents attic. They were all old stuff from when I was younger, like books and tapes and stuff. Well I found something pretty interesting, one of the diaries I kept. This one was on one of those black and white school notebooks they would hand out now and again. Its only like fifty pages long, but it covers the summer of 1985 (I think i was 13 or 14). At first I was really thrilled, I mean, I would get to read my thoughts and such from like a godzillion years ago. I have to say, I am thoroughly disappointed in myself. Totally. First of all, I didn't write in it every day, most weeks there were only four entries and they usually weren't that long at all. There is a two week gap in July (where I went to summer camp) and a one week gap where I went to the beach. No big deal there, I mean I'm not disappointed by that, its what I wrote (and didn't write) that pees me off. The List:

1) Music I never once mentioned music. When I was thirteen I was a music junky, I had like a billion tapes and 45's. You think I would have mentioned how much I like Duran Duran or something.

2) Summer Camp I must be practicing revisionist history or something. I so remember having a ton of fun at summer camp. A ton of fun! But in my journal, written by my own hand, I state before leaving; "Summer camp is the lamest, stupidist, dumbist, thing in the world, I wish I didn't have to go." And than after I got back, my first entry read" "Just back from Camp Supid, Thank God." What the hell? I could have sworn I loved summer camp.

3) New Jersey Just the other night I was telling a friend how I loved going to New Jersey and visiting my grandparents for a week every year when I was kid. Quite obviously not this year. I even called N.J.-"New Jerk-City". Okay, a lame put down for a state, but I was 13.

4) Movies I was the first kid I knew to have a VCR and I loved movies. Had like a billion movies on tape. Didn't mention a single movie I saw.

5) Love Life Okay, I know what you are thinking, no one has a love life when they are 13. Well, I actually did (I got my first girlfriend that May, the relationship actually lasted a year and half). It would have been cool to read about that. Not a mention though.

6) Television I did mention something cool here. I wrote how my mom bought be two of those cool hawaii shirts they wore on Miami Vice. And I also mention a show called "Tales From The Darkside", which I used to love, but isn't on anymore.

7) Parades I could have sworn I loved parades. Not the summer of 1985 though. On July 2nd I wrote; "Time to watch a bunch of drunk people walk around in costumes and breath in gas fumes from fire trucks."

If its cooler tonight I'll post a couple entries from it. I so need to get a.c. up there.

You know, here at The AP Site, we don't curse a lot (which is strange cause in non blog life I curse like a fiend). Anyway, I read a story this morning (online) and now I can't find it to link it here (when I do find it I will) that I just thought was hilarious (the title of the story), and we are going to break our "very strange not a lot of cursing rule that we never realized until now". The title of the story was; September 11th should be known as "Holy Fucking Shit Day".

6/26/2002 09:26:00 AM
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