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Monday, June 24, 2002

I can see now that I have regular hours at work (and slower ones at that) I'll probably be blabbing more here during the day. (I actually even reviewed a blog of someone who works in our company but in a different site and thats what he pretty much does most of the day). Well anyways, here's an interesting story: San Diego Wonders If Losing A Team Is Worth It. Well, they're talking about the San Diego Chargers of course. (I hate to link to the NY Times but their the only ones covering the story it seems (the Ny Times require that you register and they archive their links and make you pay for them after awhile). Its pretty much about how the people in San Diego are saying they don't want to build a new stadium for a team that hasn't really won much since 1995 (when they beat our beloved Steelers and got into the Superbowl), and the team owner is saying he may take the team to Los Angelos if he doesn't have a new stadium. I have to say, I would pretty peed off if I was in San Diego (in the respect of the NFL Fan). Luckily the Steelers usually get into the playoffs where (even though its like almost impossible to get into the big game) you at least have some excitement at the end of the year. I don't think I could remain a Steeler fan if they had a losing season for like seven years. I mean, I hate to be disloyal, but you just get so upset you want to give up watching. And the one San Diego Council Woman has a good point. Why pay hundreds of millions of dollars for a new stadium when the team can't win, and really there are only going to be eight games played there a year? Of course on the other hand, I wouldn't move a team to L.A., who just seems to jettison their teams willy nilly.
Some interesting news here at work. In two different departments (not in mine I'm safe) they have asked for voluntary dismissals (i.e. will give you a severence package if you leave the job but if someone doesn't step up to the plate, we will pick some people to get dismissed wether they like it or not). Which had me thinking, I probably would be tempted buy a good severence offer (but of course they are not doing this in our department). Well, back to work.

6/24/2002 12:49:00 PM
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