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Tuesday, June 11, 2002


The last post listed as "Tuesday, June 11, 2002" was actually Mondays post. There was some type of blogger mess up and my post got published a day later (I'm told that the mess up happened with a faulty blogger server named "Disco"). So when you read two 'Tuesday' posts its really not. I wish life was like blogger server Disco cause I would so like to repeat today again tomorrow. Reason being?;
1) Last night I slept for 9 1/2 hours.
2) When I checked the mail box this a.m. there were no bills (just a piece of 'resident mail from a chruch I never heard of).
3) Not one cat puked and nor did they pee or number 2 where they shouldn't.
4) I noticed Spy Tv was back on TV.
5) I got to go to Taco Bell and get my favorite taco pizza (or Mexican pizza or whatever its called), well, I actually got two.
6) My neighbor Spencer told me that our local cable company is going to add The History Channel next month to its line up. (I had it before we moved here and I so loved it than and totally miss it now.)
7) One of the Springsteens called me from work today and said that my request for five days off (starting next Friday) was approved so now we get to go vacation at the future in-laws in North Carolina!
8) The trip to North Carolina is like a seven hour trip but there is an 'Old Country Buffet' in Maryland (that we will stop at for lunch, my gosh I love a buffet) and a super cool steak house in North Carolina (right before we get to the future in-laws, I don't remember the name) that we will stop at for dinner
9) Its not my turn to drive to N.C. (I did it last time) which means, well, plenty of naps on the way down.
Well, thats about it for tonight I guess. I have to work tomorrow (which so stinks). .

6/11/2002 08:16:00 PM
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