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Saturday, June 01, 2002


My gosh its hot. I so need to get an air conditioner up here in the guest (computer) room. I think tomorrow its going to cool down a bit. I wish I could magically (sp?) transport the cool air from downstairs up here. I know there was a time when there was no air conditioning, how the heck did they do it? Gosh, its hot.
Well, nothing at all interesting to post today. I work tomorrow 8am-4pm and than am going to grill outside and maybe drink a million beers.
I think in the next week or so the Martha Moxley trial is going to end. I'm no expert, but I think the evidence shows Michael Skakel killed her. But I also think he is going to get away with it. What the heck is the mentality up there in New England? Mary Jo Kopechne and Martha Moxley, for God's sake.. and yet they still think of these folks (Kennedy's) as some type of American royal family up there. Heck, Time magazine and Life (now defunct) magazine probably put the Kennedys on the cover a hundred times and maybe mentioned Moxley and Kopechne once. Here at Your AP Site we don't much like to tackle the 'serious' issues, thats not what we're about. But one thing is for sure. In the grand scheme of things, in the 'cast system' of America, I belong to the Moxley and Kopechne cast. I don't have any rich relatives, or any Senators on my family tree. And it could just as easily be me (or you) at the bottom of that river, or at the bottom of that tree with a fatal head injury. Gosh, its hot and I'm in a pissy mood. I so need to go to bed.

6/01/2002 07:26:00 PM
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